El Diluvi defines itself as a modern folk band that fuses different muscial styles such as cumbia, reggae, rumba, folk and traditional music with valencian roots. With instruments from the Mediterranean such as the violin, the bandurria (plucked chordophone), the diatonic button accordion, flamenco guitar, the ‘guitarró’ and all kinds of percussion, we create a new style that has been named Mediterranean Mix. El Diluvi was born over 5 years ago and started to travel around the Catalonian area, paying tribute to the alcoyan singer-songwriter Ovidi Montllor. Get into the Mediterranean Mix spirit! Download our discs for free and follow us on social media.

Flora Sempere

Veu, bandúrria i art.

David Payà

Veu, violí i música.

Lluc Llorens

Acordió diatònic, veus i serenitat.

Txus Rodríguez

Guitarra i timidesa.

Dani Garcia

Bateria, ritme i vocació.

Andreu Ferre

Baix elèctric, un poc d'açò i d'allò.

Jordi Bernabeu

Percussions i equilibri.